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This page is here to educate owners about thyroid symptoms in their dogs. I have learned so much in the last year about Hypothyroidism, Doberman related issues, and the sad truth of the many many dogs in this country (Dobes, Pitbulls GSD, etc. euthanized for aggression and never tested for this disease.

The day had finally come!!!! I was picking up my boy! I was so excited!!! Little did I know it was going to be a interesting journey for the Piorkowski family.

At about the age of 6 months old, I heard Dozer growl at me when i passed by him as he was eating. I was a little taken aback by it, so i called and enrolled him in obedience classes at K9 Korner. He went through the classes very well. But his attitude got WORSE. I had no clue why, perhaps he was "testing" me. So i decided to do some internet research of food and diets and fell upon a website on RAW FEEDING. I researched it even further and decided to switch Dozer to raw food. His skin became better on the raw food but again, his attitude did not. I asked so many questions on how to stop this behavior and nothing worked. We tried hand-feeding, frozen food, the Cesar Milan method of dominance.....NADA. His aggression became so bad that the video below shows what he was like during feedings. He even showed signs of SRS (sudden rage syndrome) twice. At the point, I was a mess! I had to find answers for my boy. I had befriended a Doberman Breeder in Michigan named Carol Turner, and she saved my boys life!

Dozer's blood was drawn at his regular veterinarians office and then shipped to Dr Jean Dodds laboratory in California for a CBC (complete blood count) and a T5 panel thyroid test. Within 48 hours I was notified that Dozer's thyroid levels were low for his age. Dr Dodds recommended he put on a 6 week trial period of the medication Soloxine. WE FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER


This video was the most troubling video I filmed. It was taken when Dozer was 15 months old in September of 2013. He was in the kitchen eating his breakfast of his usual frozen raw meat mixture. I heard him start growling AT HIMSELF...sort of like a Psychosis or Paranoia.  

This video was taking about two months on being on meds! These videos are REAL ! Dozer was completely different dog!

This picture was in October of 2012..

Dozer was 3 months old and he was diagnosed with Pyroderma. This is what his coat looked like. It is a condition that is referred to as a "moth eaten" coat.

This is the picture of Dozer two weeks before getting his thyroid tested. He was overweight for no apparent reason and his coat was dull and very thin.

After about 8 weeks on the Soloxine, Dozer's metabolism regulated itself and he lost about 6 lbs without changing his diet or exercise.

This was Dozer's second time at Rally Obedience class. He is doing so well!!!