Bark Avenue Pet Grooming

Professional grooming even Westiminster would be proud of !

Bark Avenue Rules!!!

1. BE ON TIME...there is NO exception for this. If you are 15 minutes or more late for your appointment without giving me a courtesy call your dog will NOT be groomed for that day. If you would like, I will reschedule your dog for next available day.  

2. Constant missed appointments will result in me not accepting you as a client.

3. There is $30.00 service charge for a bounced personal check

4. Any dog that shows signs of aggression will NOT be groomed and picked up immediately

At BARK AVENUE, I am focused on providing my clientele the best possible grooming experience for both client and their dog (s) ! 

Every dog is looked over from head to toe at every grooming appointment. I do this to see if there are any lumps, bumps, cysts, sores, infections, allergies, cuts, or possible problem the owner needs to be aware of. 

I can provide owners with some knowledge on better feeding solutions if your pup has allergies to their food. 

I can also teach owners or (anyone interested) about the species appropriate RAW DIET, In which I feed my own dog and cat.

I believe as a groomer, it is my responsibility to educate others on pet care. I consider myself the "VOICE" between the dog and the owner. 

I will do my very best to help you have your four legged friend for many years!

Here at Bark Avenue, I can scale and brush your dogs teeth for a fee of $30. This method is a very safe and effective way to clean your pets teeth without a vet visit and vet bill.

NOTE: I am in no way taking the place of your pets veterinarian! If your pets teeth need medical attention, that will be brought to the owners attention immediately. 

Nail grinding before and after. This service is in the full groom package.