Bark Avenue Pet Grooming

Professional grooming even Westiminster would be proud of !

Prior to opening Bark Avenue, I worked for many local grooming salons in the Wyoming

Valley for ten years. I learned the art of

styling from professional dog handlers that I

worked for and observed from the age of 18 to 21. I had the great pleasure of showing and finishing my own Welsh Terrier Ch. Sun Oak's Kansas City Bomber aka "Racquel".. and also had a once in a lifetime opportunity to show a Dandie Dinmont Terrier at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I now take my knowledge and experiences and put it toward making your four legged friends look their best!

Terrier Group at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1996

Best In Show ribbon given to me by the owner for doing my part in achieving her first of many!

Because I see dogs everyday, I know first hand how bad the obesity issue in dogs really is in this country. I get the same response every time I ask the owners this question.... "What kind of diet do you have "Fifi" or "Buddy" on? They are very overweight." That response is "Well I only feed her/him a cup of ( x y or z kind of kibble) a day."

It's becoming extremely scary to me as more and more of my clients dogs are dying of CANCER! Yes, cancer. Years ago you never heard of dogs dying of cancer. There was no Oncologists for your canine! Why now? What's happening? What changed? With so many BIG WIG dog companies out there, the pet industry is a billion dollar market. People will do ANYTHING for their pets. People believe the word of these dog food companies that their brand of dog food they are buying is GOOD and HEALTHY for their pets. Not realizing that a lot of kibble out there today is full of chemicals, preservatives, by products, even the 4D's (dead, dying, decaying and diseased animals). Not only that, the kibble is loaded with grains, wheat, soy and carbohydrates that turn into sugar. As a result making them FAT and exposed to all sorts of medical conditions like diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney and liver diseases, stones, and cancer. Even the products that claim to be all Natural or Organic, are GIMMICS. Add that and the over use of antibiotics, steroids, topical flea treatment, and unnecessary yearly boosters your vet is giving your dog : this combination is a recipe for disaster! 

I have a responsibility to all pet owners out there to share my knowledge about a SPECIES APPROPRIATE RAW DIET, Titer testing, and NATURAL ALTERNATIIVES to antibiotics, steroids, flea medications and KIBBLE. It's truly heartbreaking and shocking to see the effects that bad dog food, medications and boosters have on your dogs over the years. I want to see your dog live a long and healthy life. I see too many that are simply "SURVIVING" on dog food instead of "THRIVING" of a raw diet.

 Feed your carnivores like carnivores